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Quality through generations

Regenesis Rottweilers Registered

Elite German Pedigrees

Welcome to Regenesis Rottweilers

Excited to announce that

Escalade Rottweilers Registered

 (in Saskatchewan) 

has taken over and will continue our breeding 

philosophy .

Stephanie Jacobs


***We will breed  Flip vom hause Edelstein to 

Ginger for a 2021 litter! 


Check them both out on the planned breeding page

We are and have been for years, members in good 

standing with the Canadian Kennel Club.

We proudly adhere to the Breeder Code of Ethics 

set out by them!


Breeding excellence through all our


ONLY exceptional quality health, temperament, 

pedigrees & structure in all our dogs!

Learn about our leading edge rottweilers, 

pedigrees, genetics,superior quality, love and 

family by exploring our website!

Our foundation pedigree lines are descendants of 

theNeubrand Kennels of Germany.

  In Germany, they follow the A.D.R.K showing 

and breeding protocol, which is the strictest

 in the WORLD!

Having these rottweilers pedigree lines 

throughout our dogs makes us 

extremely proud and very confident in all our


Such qualities as sound temperaments, health

and correct structure makes all of our dogs

 and puppies suitable to all adoptable 


Whether for treasured family pets, prospects

for showing or breeding stock, we will have

 what you are looking for!

We are sure to accurately grade all the 

offspring no earlier than 8 weeks of age,

 and provide the truth about each one.

Noteworthy is that NO litter of Rottweiler 

puppies can be register in Germany unless

the Sire and Dam have passed a very strict 

ZTP~breed suitability test. 

This test consists of a set of 

comprehensive conformation, temperament

and health evaluations 

which are in place to allow only reproduction

of the BEST quality.

The breed suitability test places emphasis on

 both conformation (size, 

head, coat, eye color, teeth, no disqualifying 

faults as per show ring 

etc), and temperament (obedience, courage, 

attentiveness, hardness 

and more.)

Other factors are also included such as the

dogs age, hip classification and have passed

 a basic BH Degree similar to AKC's CDC 

(Companion Dog Qualification)

PLEASE Check out the breed standard here 

so that you know what is the correct 


Please view this video below about the 

rottweilers from the BEST German Kennel-

producing amazing rottweilers for over 40 


 Their dogs are what produced our 


 the BEST rottweilers in Canada

The complete rottweiler dog has 4 

extremely important pillars 


This is a picture of Keegan (V-1 Regenesis Hans Vom Keegan)     
Keegan was Reserve winners dog on Sunday, April 10/16

  He is a young male from our "H" litter and is a brother to the puppies from our "F" and  "J" litter.  

His parents are Candy and Odin with Candy being a daughter of Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand and Regenesis Conspiracy Theory (Chanae) and Odin is a Son of Unkas Vom Hause Neubrand and Brillante Vom Aztlan who is an Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand daughter.
   Keegan is 19 months of age and we are excited for his future as he matures.


Find him on his very own page here!!!!!!

Such amazing news! 

Rottweiler Club of Canada Specialty Show--

This is Regenesis Gracie Vom Eli at 13 months 

pictured above winning!

2015 Rottweiler Reserve Female

*******PLEASE remember that a well loved and cared for litter takes much time and effort....Please be patient when expecting a reply to a message-We appreciate you and say thank you for your understanding and patience for our replies.

We grade our puppies at 8 weeks old prior to allowing them to be adopted........

We wanted to express our appreciation to all of our Regenesis Rottweiler owners.  Thank you for opening your lives and homes to one of our precious rottweilers!  

We are also very thankful for all the updates, pictures and news that we continue to receive.........We find great joy in watching them grow and become remarkable family additions!

Our rottweilers are extremely high quality dogs

that make exceptional show, breeding, working

or excellent companions.

We are featured in the Total Rottweiler 

Magazine as seen in the picture above!!

Total Rottweiler Magazine on Page 21 of Issue

 2 of 2014

~~HOW exciting and awesome is that!!!!

We sincerely ask you to do lots of research in 

selecting a trustworthy, reputable, responsible, 

respectful breeder.

We cannot express the importance enough how

crucial it is to be extremely selective in choosing

 a responsible, trustworthy, reputable breeder.

Choose one that is happy to provide any and all 

details that you request, pertaining to pedigrees,

 health testing, parents, breed standards 

followed etc. 

Who also offers to show you proof of pedigrees,

 details on temperament, breeding practices etc.

Be certain to view many generations of photos,

make an appointment to actually visit the home

 and view the litter. You will quickly notice if the 

breeder takes time and care in details of their 


A reputable breeder 

will want to assist you and mentor you in care of

your new rottweiler for the life of your precious 

puppy or as you feel necessary.

  You should feel confident that the breeder will 

be happy to answer questions pertaining to 

ownership, breeding, health, pedigree, care etc

 You should become aware of the breeders main 

objective, concerns/priorities of placement of

 their rottweilers.

You will also see if their dogs are truly loved  

and cared for.

Quality is MOST important

Which is why we use the lines we do!!

Without health you are sure to experience many 

unnecessary issues, incur many unexpected/

unnecessary costs and then you may just end up

with the early loss of your beloved rottweiler.

We want to help you avoid this by doing much

research and through our choice of breeding, 

health testing etc.

Due to our genuine love of rottweilers we offer 

100% breeder support and encourage our 

purchasers to stay in contact when they feel they

 need or wish to. Your questions/concerns are 

always welcome!  We encourage communication 

and offer support on any care concern or detail 

about your new rottweiler.   We take our 

customer care/service very seriously and 

endeavour to do our very best!  Calls and e-mail

inquiries will be answered as soon as 

possible(usually within 24 hours at most). 

 **Please excuse us if we are out at a dog show 

or in process of caring for a new litter

and do not reply as we normally do~~You are 

very important to us. 

We want to share our puppies with you, and ask 

that you phone us in order that we can arrange a

 time to visit. If we have an appointment and you

 need to cancel, PLEASE text me as soon as

possible to notify me--Much appreciate the 


We do not sell to pet shops, brokers, puppy mills,

or to anyone for any illegal or fighting 

purposes......We reserve the right to sell our 

babies ONLY to homes we approve of, that 

we are sure they will be loved and cared for

with the utmost for the rottweilers best interest.

ONLY those who will make the responsible

 lifetime commitment that is required.... 

We enjoy showing our dogs.  We very selectively

breed a litter to improve our own foundation 

lines, but ****only after the health testing of 

heart, JLPP, hips, elbows at minimum are done on our 

females.  Always breeding to health tested, studs

 of merit****.  We do not spare any expense in 

our own breeding program and care of our dogs.

We do not always have puppies available and

 suggest reserving your special little rottweiler 

 today! We have spent years researching and breeding for the most 

versatile, stable, calm, gentle, loving yet protective, respectful, eager to 

work, eager to please rottweilers.


We firmly believe that integrity and 

 superior quality are more important than   

quantity, therefore we have a waiting list!

Our rottweilers are our family so they all live 

spoiled and very loved.  We whelp, train and live daily with

our precious pets.  Your new puppy will have the 

real life experience of love, home and family. 


To find more information about us, touch here.

We NEVER want any of our dogs to end up in 

rescue, therefore we offer a no questions asked 

return policy~~This means you give us back the 

puppy and we look after where it ends up 


We always try to keep our website up to 


Last updated January 5, 2021

We are located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our rottweilers are family owned so temperament 

is definitely a priority!

Our Services Include:

  • Superior Quality 
  • vaccinations(age appropriate), dewormed, health check
  • microchip implanted
  • 6 week health insurance
  • toy and blanket to go along with the extensive information packet
  • lifetime breeder support
  • contract agreement-spay/neuter or show/breeding
  • CKC registered puppy
  • No questions asked return policy(explained above)
  • Puppy that was raised using the "Puppy Culture" methods
  • Puppy that has been very well started on training
  • Puppy that is used to household noise and activity raised in our home with kids, cat and other dogs 
  • Confident well adjusted rottweiler puppy

 Stephanie Jacobs

(Escalade Rottweilers)


Contact form to fill out can be found here.

OF interest for all to read and seriously consider

We are providing you with some informational, thought provoking links provided by other breeders, obviously unbiased and seeking the best interest of their own dogs/puppies so that you may research and make balanced wise well informed decisions for your own puppy/rottweiler.

Also some informtion from Dr. Dobias DVM below:

You can administer homeopathic Thuja 30 C or Thuja 200 C – 1 dose to neutralize vaccination side effects.

Holistic Approach to Vaccination of Adult Dogs and Puppies
by Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM

In the previous blog, you learned about the importance of choosing a healthy puppy and avoiding puppy mills.

Now that you have chosen well, you may be wondering what is the best way to keep your best friend healthy. One may think that vaccines or “the shots” as many call them, would be the next step. However, it is not that simple.

The main concerns

1. Vaccines contain dangerous carcinogens and disease causing chemicals such as mercury and formaldehyde.

2. They are often made by infecting healthy laboratory animals, including dogs, cats and horses.

3. Early vaccination can neutralize natural maternal antibodies and leave your puppy unprotected.

4. Vaccines have the ability to cause symptoms similar to the disease they are trying to prevent.

5. Combination vaccines often overwhelm the body and cause immune system problems.

6. Repeated exposure to vaccines can create toxic build up and serious chronic disease or even cancer.

Wondering what the alternatives are?

Here is your Healing Solution :

1. Never vaccinate your puppy before 12 weeks of age if you have the choice

2. If your puppy has been vaccinated early, any medical condition may or may not be a vaccine side effect.

3. Consult an open minded holistic practitioner who knows how to recognize vaccine related issues.

4. You can administer homeopathic Thuja 30 C or Thuja 200 C – 1 dose to neutralize vaccination side effects.

Nature’s vaccination protocol – the ideal choice

1. Maternal antibodies protect puppies fully until around the age of 10 – 16 weeks.

2. When your puppy is 12 weeks old get an “antibody titer test” done that is available in most veterinary clinics.

3. The most concerning diseases are distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis. Most clinics run just the first two tests.

4. If any antibody level is present, retest at the age of 5 months and socialize your puppy on a moderate basis with other dogs.

5. Your puppy will learn the “ropes” by being in the company of other canines and will produce its own antibodies by being exposed to them while being protected. This is in fact natures “way of vaccination”

6. While no method can provide you with 100% guarantee, I have not seen any dogs who have got parvo or distemper since starting to use this protocol in the late 90’s.

Alternative vaccination protocol for puppies that were vaccinated early, or have an unknown history or tested negative for antibodies.

1. Early vaccination often neutralizes or blocks the maternal immunity. Vaccine simply locks the antibodies and puts them “out of commission”.

2. If there are no antibodies

a. consider vaccination with one antigen of parvovirus ( not a combination ) at 12 weeks

b. distemper 4 weeks later

3. Avoid boosters and unnecessary vaccine exposure by getting a “titer test “done 1 month after the last vaccine and then 2 – 3 months later

4. Do not use vaccines for Kennel Cough, Lyme disease and Giardia – they have the highest side-effect causing properties.
a. For Example – I have seen many dogs vaccinated for Lymes disease having symptoms of arthritis at the age of 2 – 3 years old. This vaccine has not been approved for people because of safety issues.
b. Kennel cough is a self limiting disease similar to a cold. Vaccine causes very frequent side-effects – kennel cough itself.

If you live in an area with rabies, the vaccine may need to be given, however, give it at least 4 weeks from other vaccination.

Never give more than 1 antigen at a time.


Based on my experience, healthy puppies may not need any vaccination and maintain their antibodies ( protections ) for a life time. This is the safest way.

It is more likely that none or minimal vaccine protocol is safer.

Vaccines can cause serious side-effects that are often not noticed or recognized by conventional medical science.

No one can give you 100% guarantee that your puppy will not get infected with or without vaccines.

Healthy food, fresh water, the right amount of exercise and low stress level is the best disease prevention.

My choice will always be no vaccines whenever possible and antibodies are present.

Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM