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Rottweiler Pedigrees

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Our Dogs:

Brillante HERE

Some info about Brillante:  

Multi V-rated Cdn. Ch. Brillante Vom Aztlan, USRC
         NW Best Puppy, VRC Best Puppy, FWRC Best Puppy.
         CHIC Number 55888

Gretchen HERE

Dee Dee HERE

Some info about Dee Dee:   

Regenesis Dazzling Debutante

RKNA 2012 Klubsiegerin


Rottweiler Klub of North America 2012 V-1 rated Siegerin & Most Beautiful Female in Show, judged by Edgar Hellman Chief Breedmaster from Germany

Ginger HERE



Candy HERE

Chanae HERE

Anneliese HERE

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Some of the magnificent rottweilers in our 

own pedigrees!

Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand HERE

Some info about Dandy:   Dandy is one of the top producers in the World, having produced many top winning dogs around the world. Congratulations to Dandy's son Utz Vom Hause Anin for winning the 2008 German Vice Bundessieger title, defeating the 2008 German Klub Sieger and also defeating the 2008 German Klub Youth Sieger.

Unkas Vom Hause Neubrand HERE


height: 66cm, eye color: 2A, weight: 55kg

ZTP Critique: Large size, harmonius, good bone strength, friendly with attitude, strong typeful head, middle sized ears, correctly carried, dark brown eyes, deep chest, correct front and rear stand, well angulated, strong coat with dark brown markings, flowing movement, scissors bite....ADRK Judge: Dieter Hoffman

Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand HERE

Quaid Vom Enzian HERE

Quaid held an extreme amount of titles~~Here are some of his accomplishments

  • Deutscher Champion - ADRK
  • Deutscher Champion - VDH
  • FCI Internationaler Champion
  • VPG III, IPO III, FH, Ztp, BH, gekort bis
  • Belgium Klub Winner'07
  • Luxumberg Champion
  • Multi Sieger & Multi V 1 Rated
  • HD-free, ED-free

  • Cora Vom Rosslesgarten HERE

    Some info about Cora:   Cora is the 1999 European Junior Winner, 2000 National Champion and Switzerland-Club Winner. Cora is the foundation bitch of the house of Neubrand Kennel in Germany who produced the famous  Oxana from home Neubrand , Orlando vom Hause Neubrand and  Sidney from home Neubrand the mother of our very own Gretchen.

    Ahava Vom Teufelsbrucke HERE

    Elfie Vom Oberpfalzer Wald HERE

    Ives Vom Hause Neubrand 2 HERE

    Sidney Vom Hause Neubrand HERE

    Some information about Sidney:   * ADRK Deutscher Champion
    * VDH Deutscher Champion
    * ADRK Klubjugendsiegerin 2002
    * Donaujugendsiegerin 2003
    * Swiss-Klubsiegerin 2003
    * IFR World Champion & BOB 2004
    * Bodenseesiegerin 2004
    * Bundessiegerin 2004
    * Ost-Schweiz-Siegerin 2004
    * Swiss-Klubsiegerin 2004
    * Austria-Klubsiegerin 2005
    * Bodenseesiegerin 2005
    * VDH-Europasiegerin 2005
    * FCI-Europasiegerin 2005
    * Donausiegerin 2006
    * ADRK Klubsiegerin 2006
    * USRC SW Regional Siegerin 2008

    Oxana Vom Hause Neubrand HERE

    Rick Von Burgthann HERE

    Rick is yet another huge contributor to outstanding rottweilers--He is one the the most famous rottweilers and was a proven producer.  

    Some information about him:  

     RICK von Burgthann
    24.04.1993, ADRK 084080
    HD-frei, ED-frei, SCHH-3, IPO-3, AD, BH, gek├Ârt bis 14.09.99

    Titles and Awards: Interchampion, Swiss Champion, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany (VDH), Junior World Champion 1994, Junior Champion Bundessieger 1994 Champion Bundessieger 1997 Young Austrian Bundessieger 1994, Austrian Bundessieger 1995 - 1996 - 1997, Club Champion of Switzerland, European Champion (FCI) 1997