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Regenesis Rottweilers Registered

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We proudly adhere to the Canadian Kennel Club’s Code of Ethics for breeders.

What is a "Purebred" Dog?

Defined by the Canada Animal Pedigree Act, a purebred dog is a dog that has parents of the same breed that are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  One can NOT sell a dog as purebred without papers from the registry as well it is ILLEGAL in Canada to charge extra money for those papers! 

Dogs with parents of two different purebreds does NOT make the dog a purebred, lately we see fancy new names for mutts aka the 'doodles', 'bugs', 'morkies', etc these mixes, aka mutts, they are not purebred, no matter what they tell you, they are sure cute, but are NOT purebred.  There also some newer registries that are not very strict and will simply allow any dog to be registered, be careful and be aware and educate yourself.

While we get a lot of inquiries about our puppies, I have noticed that many refuse to tell me anything about their living situation or themselves, and think that it's enough to just ask 'how much?', and if they can afford it they can have the puppy of their choosing (based on a handful of photos and videos). THIS IS NOT HOW IT WORKS.
My puppies don't go to the first person who wants them with no questions asked, and this is both for your benefit as well as the puppies'. I am not asking because I have any personal interest in your personal life, it is merely to get a better picture of what type of dog would best fit in your lifestyle and to make sure you get the best possible match, rather than a puppy that wouldn't fit you at all. These puppies are my responsibility and it is up to me to place them in suitable forever homes, where both the puppy and new owners will be perfectly happy with each other. Please understand I cannot do this if you won't let me have basic information. If I don't know whether you live in an apartment, house with a backyard or a farm, whether you're on your own (and working 10 hours a day or stay at home?) or living with a family, whether you have small fragile dogs, cats, toddlers in the house, and especially what you expect from the dog - a sweet cuddly family pet, a dog to bark at the strangers, or you have experience with Schutzhund training and want a working dog - how can I decide which puppy, if any, will be ideal for you? I cannot just send them blindly and hope it works out. Besides why would you spend so much on a dog from someone you don't trust enough to reveal them your living situation? I don't need your social security number, or names and photos of your family members, or where you work etc. Just enough to know if you need a more easy going, lower energy puppy or you know how to handle a high drive, dominant dog. If you are not comfortable sharing that with the person who is supposed to pick the best puppy for you, then I am sorry, but you will have to keep looking elsewhere.
I hope this at least explains it somewhat, why I ask and need to know a bit more about you. All my buyers know that everyone's privacy is fully respected and your name, photos or anything will never be shared without permission.

Precisely why most reputable breeders have a questionnaire for potential puppy owners to fill out first and then they do puppy assessments to determine suitability. I would never want a puppy in any unsuitable situation so we need information,
communication and commitment 😊

In order to save time and help with screening homes please copy this 

questionnaire and reply with interest

FIRST would you be willing and diligent to keep in touch with breeder?

DID you read the page on here called Information to read?

Do you own your home?

Or do you rent and have received permission to get a Rottweiler?

Is your yard fenced?

Would like to hear your experience with owning larger breed dogs.

Do  have a current established veterinarian?  Please provide name number if you do....

Do you have kids or other animals in your house?

Who will be the primary care giver taking responsibility for the Rottweiler?

Are you willing to crate train?

How much time is going to be dedicated to training a puppy?

Do you agree to take your Rottweiler for obedience training?

How much time will the puppy be alone during the day?

Tell me your preferences below.

Sex-male, female or whatever comes available.

A pet Only-on a spay/neuter contract or show/breeding prospect.

Tell us what type of traits/personality will fit your lifestyle.

Tell us why you would like a rottweiler?

What are the activities do you have planned to do with your puppy/rottweiler?

Your name, address, phone number and email address.

Flip vom hause Edelstein was bred to our Ginger September 5, 2020

We are doing an ultrasound in 30 days!

Pictures of both below!!!!

For interest inquiries or questions please contact

Stephanie Jacobs


Email:[email protected]

Flips parent below

Please view this video below from the BEST German Kennel producing top rottweilers for more than 40 years.  Their dogs are what make up our pedigrees.   BEST rottweilers in Canada

The complete rottweiler dog has 4 


Ginger below or her page