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Regenesis Rottweilers Registered

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In order to save time and help with screening homes please copy this 

questionnaire and reply with interest

FIRST would you be willing and diligent to keep in touch with breeder?

DID you read the page on here called Information to read?

Do you own your home?

Or do you rent and have received permission to get a Rottweiler?

Is your yard fenced?

Would like to hear your experience with owning larger breed dogs.

Do  have a current established veterinarian?  Please provide name number if you do....

Do you have kids or other animals in your house?

Who will be the primary care giver taking responsibility for the Rottweiler?

Are you willing to crate train?

How much time is going to be dedicated to training a puppy?

Do you agree to take your Rottweiler for obedience training?

How much time will the puppy be alone during the day?

Tell me your preferences below.

Sex-male, female or whatever comes available.

A pet Only-on a spay/neuter co-ownership contract or show/breeding prospect.

Tell us what type of traits/personality will fit your lifestyle.

Planned Breeding Spring 2020

In Saskatchewan

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For interest inquiries or questions please contact

Stephanie Jacobs

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Email: [email protected]