Regenesis Rottweilers Reg'd
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Regenesis Rottweilers Registered

Elite German Pedigrees

Regenesis Harley Dreams "Harley or Lee"
Does not like his pictures taken!

We cannot tell you how blessed we are to have 

this big beautiful boy. Such vibrant color and 

correct dark almond shaped eyes.   

Temperament, structure, and pedigree are all 

outstanding.  SUCH a loving, calm 

family rottweiler.  Could not have dreamed of ever 

 owning such an amazing boy.  As a puppy, he taught 

himself to ring some bells hanging on our door 

handle so that we would let him out for potty duty!

He was born August 30, 2014

Mrs. Hamilton has been a remarkable part of our

family.  Not only pertaining to breeding our much

loved dogs and educating, encouraging and 

helping us a long the way, but our children adore 

her.  We cannot thank her enough nor can we 

recommend her highly enough.  A reputable 

loving breeder in every sense, integrity above all.

These reasons are only some of why we 

partnered up with her to continue partnership 


Health Testing is completed and shown on OFA website

Good Hips-RO-76337G28M-VPI


Good heart-RO-CA7448/28M/P-VPI

Waiting results on JLPP testing

His parents are Candy and Odin with Candy being a daughter of Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand and Regenesis Conspiracy Theory (Chanae) and Odin is a 
son of Unkas Vom Hause  Neubrand and Brillante vom Aztlan who is an Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand daughter.  Many of these dogs are pictured here

Pedigree lines include the following:Dandy vom hause Neubrand, Orlando vom hause Neubrand, Brillante vom Aztlan, Cora vom Rosslesgarten etc

Pedigree found here

At a later date both Regenesis Harley 

Dreams and

Regenesis Ginger Vom Eli will be found on their 

very own website as a beginning foundation 


"Escalade Rottweilers Registered" 

(Located in SK)

Our email is

[email protected]

Parents below

Odin is sire


Mother Candy

her page here